Frequently Asked Qwilfish

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Q: Where does the money go?

A: The British Red Cross Disaster Fund. The money goes from your account, through Virgin and straight to Red Cross. The money never even touches our hands.

Q: How do I donate?

A: We'll be releasing an updated version of our donation video before the stream goes live. If you have any issues, don't hesitate to ask us.

Q: What is Gift Aid and can I use it?

The British Government allows charities to claim back tax on donations. This tax relief is called 'Gift Aid'. Gift Aid is great because it means charities get extra money added to their donations at no extra cost to the donor. For every £1 donated, the charity currently receives £1.25 when you add Gift Aid. Gift Aid is only available to UK Tax Payers.

Q: What can I do if I can't give any money?

A: Spread the word! Post about us on your social networks and tell everyone and anyone who will listen. That man sitting next to you on the train right now, I bet he loves a bit of pokémon, go on, tell him!

Q: How long does the event last for?

A: 100 hours! We'll be live non-stop the whole time so if you can't sleep, you know where to find us.

Q: How many games will you be playing?

A: As many as we have time for.

Q: What happens if you kill a legendary pokémon or make a huge mistake?

A: We continue playing! We have a strict 'no-reset, no-reload' rule. We only make saves in case of a disaster such as an electrical storm, power cut or somebody tripping over an important cable.

Q: Will you do any glitches?

A: We don't want to corrupt any save files, but we will do the Mew glitch if we receive enough demand and donations towards it.

Q: What generations of Pokémon games will you play?

A: We're playing any first, second or third generation of the handheld games.