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Official Minecraft Server (Beta)

Written by Benjamin, 16th April

I'm going to spend the next few days making sure the Minecraft server is working correctly before I release this to the public. It's currently invite only so if you want to join while I'm still testing everything just reply with your Minecraft name and I'll add you to the Whitelist...

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IRC Update

Written by Benjamin, 16th April

For practical reasons I have changed the port access to 6667. This won't effect anybody using the web interface, but if you're connecting via your own IRC Client you'll need to adjust your port setting.

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Official Full Restore IRC

Written by Benjamin, 11th April

It was requested we continue to have a means to chat live, so being the nerd I am I've spent the last few days playing with Linux servers and am ready to present to you...



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Gallery Page Open

Written by Benjamin, 15th March 2012

From the depths of Josh's lab he's managed to spawn us a nifty gallery page. We've popped up some archives of our favorites pics from last year and some from a photoshoot we did for this year. You can go check them out on the link below and have the fun of figuring out who is who...

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New information about this year's Pokéstream!

Written by Kelly, March 15th 2012

Hey Poképeeps. I'm guessing most of you on here have seen the flashy new trailer that the very talented Benjamin made (I was senior music supervisor), which outlines the main important information about this year's event. If you haven't and/or you want a quick, cut down version of what exactly's new here we go! ...

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Forum Updates

Written by Benjamin, 3rd March 2012

So by request (mostly from the other administrators) I've installed some new features into the Forums.

The first, which you may have noticed already, is our posting box, which now allows some additional text customisation. It's also easier to add links, images and videos into your posts...

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New Shiny Website

Written by Benjamin, 28th February 2012

We've been working hard creating a whole bunch of new features for this year's livestream. We'll be announcing the dates in the next few weeks, but for now here's a teaser for the upcoming features:

  • The Pokédex page will keep track of every single donation we receive so you can track everything in real time. Now when you return from whatever you're busy with, you can check up on the progress of your requests...

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